This story is about three IIM Graduates – Classmates – Friends and their passion


These IIM Graduates are changing the way you market your product and service. The mission they have taken up is “To make marketing simple & accessible to every small & medium – product & service”

CHAPTER 0 – Introductions!

They have studied together, lived together, partied together, and now have taken this mammoth of a task together. to make marketing accessible to every great product & service out there! Meet the co-founders! Akhil Chaudhary, Karthik Narayan & Rahul Taide. Worked with brands like EY, Deloitte, ICICI Bank, Unacademy, and Vodaphone. Coming from a very indian middle-class background. Wanting to be more
than regular PowerPoint & excel sheets managers! Earning fortunes that any Indian middle-class boy can only dream of are now on a mission to create the next meta!

CHAPTER 1 – Businesses less taken!

After 1 year of helping brands to push their products something did not fit right with the team. At the beginning of 2022, they realized a lot of potential clients, small & Medium sized business with amazing products and services were not able to afford or accommodate basic tools of marketing. Why? “Ask any brand & they would all tell the same tell of how they have burnt their hands with an agency that claims to be superior” – Akhil “Brands with deep pockets and huge budgets too burnt their hands several times
before they could finally find the best solution, provided they didn’t changed the business all together.” -Karthik

CHAPTER 2 – Idea!

Why not restructure the way we interact with our end customers? Why not reward our customers for creating content? Why not break out of traditional methods of creating content? Why not create a platform that will do that? Boom! Fastforward to August 2022! “Populencer” is born! Populencer: “Enabling organic (Content-based) brand discovery by rewarding the customers for their promotion using their social influence” Simple?
This solution is
a) affordable,
b) at the cost of your netflix subscription,
c) Helps businesses create content,
d) by the customer who was anyway going to post it on their social media!
Who now will get rewarded basis of their social score. And the entire control is with the business of what to approve and what not to approve!

CHAPTER 3 – Result!

The idea has received validation from all directions. The MVP is ready and the team started its operations via a few medium-sized D2C brands and a few restaurants. The customers are loving how they are able to add value using the opportunity cost they were earlier losing out on. “Going ahead we are looking at a scale of 3500 hundred businesses to onboard within the next 3 months” – Rahul

Aftermath – How you can be a part of populencer journey!

Since you have read the article it would make sense if you would want to know more about populencer. Now while the team is hustling and enabling better products and services to grow. Akhil is sharing how marketers can be a part of this game-changing solution. Teaching how businesses can leverage Eword of mouth marketing solutions through his 30 mins gmeet session. The link to his session is here:

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