International rocket competition INROC-2023

International rocket competition INROC-2023

Indoplanetx Space Vault Research Pvt. Ltd and is organizing “International Rocket Competition INROC-2023” with the help of TIDES Business Incubator at IIT ROORKEE, and Roorkee College of Engineering (RCE) in which our labs are incubated. The sponsors the INROC – International Rocket Competition , which is held and aims to encourage students and companies to fly sounding rockets by having the rockets built and designed by them. It is well known that these competitions encourage creativity, inspire students to go outside the classroom, teach them how to collaborate with one another, and prepare them for the challenges of the real world and their future employment.

The main objective of the INROC is to make Space for Everyone & Space for All. The INROC serves as the platform to escalate the dreams of the youth to reach and explore the field of Rocket Science, whilst giving them the exposure of the real world challenges! Hence, we are organizing this competition to ignite the young minds of Space Enthusiasts!

Student teams competing in the INROC must design, build, and launch a rocket With a parachute ejection system. The team needs to attain a target apogee between 2800m and 3500m Above Ground Level (AGL). Team Projects will be divided into one of the following categories based on the type of project attempted. Teams are permitted to switch categories if required, prior to submitting their final Project Technical Report.

  • 2800M to 3500m AGL apogee with solid or hybrid propulsion.
  • Parachute ejection system after reaching the apogee
  • Sensors like GPS, Pressure sensors, and Altimeters must be
  • Should not cross the required apogee
  • Every participating team should make the Project Technical
  • Report, which as attached the format below

INROC teams shall consist of members who are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or were matriculated undergraduate or graduate students (i.e., Masters) during the previous academic year (e.g., former students who graduated shortly before the competition remain eligible), & Companies and team, anyone can participate . Each team is limited to 10 members max & Min of 6. Teams may integrate advisory members (e.g., doctorate students, professors and mentors),. Please note that advisors are considered team members and will count for the 10 members limit.

The number of teams at INROC 2023 edition will be limited. National rules regarding Covid-19 in place at the time of the event will apply.

The competition details for participation and the guidelines are mentioned in the documents.

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