Global investors to embrace Indian MSMEs to mitigate challenges

Global investors to embrace Indian MSMEs to mitigate challenges

The upcoming event in New Delhi will receive dignitaries from different genres to unleash the potential amongst the MSMEs

Sunrise sector: Electric Vehicles

According to the Fortune Business Insights Report, the Indian electric vehicle industry is estimated to grow to $113.9 billion by 2029. With a substantial shift in focus, India is shaping the next big dream of transforming with EVs.

Sunrise sector: Warehouse Business

The CBRE report for 2022 states over 32-34 million sq ft of new warehouse spaces are expected to become operational. Investors are increasingly interested in warehousing and logistics, with logistics accounting for 20 per cent of the deal volume. Industrial and warehousing space leasing is spread across eight major tier-I and tier-II cities spanning the booming ecommerce market.

Ravi Nandan Sinha, Director of Development and MSME Business Forum India, said: “The increasing contribution of the MSME sector towards creating India as a global business hub is genuinely remarkable. With Industry 4.0 knowledge and technology penetration, more MSME owners are fast-forwarding their digital evolution. With an actively increasing membership base, MSME Business Forum India is enabling its members with opportunities to progress and communicate.”

Dr Sindhu Bhaskar, Investor & New Age Technology Evangelist, Finance and Technology Expert, US, said: “For MSMEs to achieve high growth, the two most significant interventions required are related to credit assistance and technology upgradation. Banks and financial institutions should be more willing to discern genuine exporters and demand less collateral.”

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