ESRO MAGICA: Turning space age into space revolution

ESRO MAGICA: Turning space age into space revolution

ESRO MAGICA is a reputable space education platform that entered the industry in July 2022. Despite being a relatively new company, ESRO MAGICA has managed to establish itself as a leader in the industry through its innovative ideas and approach. It is noteworthy that the company has already connected with over 300 satisfied clients in India, which is a significant achievement for a company that is just a few year old. The company’s mission is to promote space education and knowledge across India, which suggests a commitment to making a positive impact on society through education. Overall, ESRO MAGICA seems to be a promising company with a strong focus on quality education and innovation in the space education industry.

Founder’s strategy for ESRO MAGICA is to focus on patience and consistency. The company aims to fulfill the dreams of every student and space enthusiast by providing high-quality space education and enabling them to learn every bit about space. A strong commitment to providing personalized attention to each student and delivering a comprehensive learning experience is one of the main moto of the Pravin wakode, founder. By prioritizing consistency and patience, ESRO MAGICA appears to be taking a long-term approach to building a strong brand and reputation in the space education industry.

ESROMAGICA’s mission is to inspire humanity to become explorers of the universe through space science and technology, rather than exploiters. The company aims to teach the fundamentals of space science and technology to help children awaken their inner astronaut, astronomer, space scientist, and rocket scientist. The sessions are designed by award-winning space scientists, analog astronauts, and astronomers, and taught online and offline by trained early childhood space science experts and enthusiasts.

ESRO MAGICA is committed to working on a sounding rocket that can help in saving the planet to some extent. Building a sounding rocket is not only easy and fun but also a cost-effective way of collecting data. By designing and creating a single-stage sounding rocket, ESRO MAGICA aims to encourage students to be curious and learn about the principles of physics. The main objective of this project is to collect data about atmospheric conditions in space and to use it for practical research and development purposes.

Space education at its best with ESRO MAGICA, the ultimate platform for students and enthusiasts. Discover ways to conduct science experiments, study space history, and learn about the latest space technology at affordable prices. Through ESRO MAGICA, students can gain access to cutting-edge space education online and in schools. The company’s aim is to make mankind a spacefaring species. We are doing our part by providing online space education and collaborating on India’s first sounding rocket. ESRO MAGICA invites you to discover the wonders of the universe at

Entrepreneur Journey

3 founders who have brought their combined expertise to the table.

The three founders of ESRO MAGICA are Mr. Pravin Wakode, an award-winning scientist, Dr. Yuvraj Lambole, an award-winning educationist, and Mr. Yogesh Unde, also an award-winning educationist. They aim to create a spacefaring community worldwide and provide strong platforms for personal and career growth through SWIFT modules and space science education.

The founders of ESRO MAGICA have built a strong team of experts to help create a new generation of future-ready junior space and rocket scientists. The team consists of analog astronauts from NASA, award-winning senior scientists from India, and rocket scientists, among others. The team’s expertise and passion for space science and education is reflected in the design and implementation of the company’s educational programs, which aim to develop students’ skills, knowledge, and interest in space science and technology. With their strong team, ESRO MAGICA is working towards their mission of promoting space education and knowledge across India.

ESRO Magica believes that space exploration and knowledge should be accessible to everyone, not just the most powerful nations. The company aims to promote equality and inclusivity in the space industry by providing space education to underdeveloped and war-torn countries. ESRO Magica hopes to turn the space age into a space revolution and make space exploration a priority for all nations, not just the most powerful ones.

It’s true that entrepreneurship is not always an easy journey, and it’s admirable that Pravin Wakode and his co-founders have been able to take obstacles in stride and maintain a positive outlook. Their approach of not being overly concerned, taking things objectively, and avoiding counterproductive worrying is a helpful mindset for navigating the ups and downs of running a business. Additionally, their focus on being on the lookout for opportunities for growth and improvement and seizing them without delay is a great strategy for achieving success in the competitive space industry.

ESRO MAGICA has been able to develop a strong and loyal community of students, who have continued to support the platform even after graduating and moving on to other endeavors. This is a testament to the high-quality education and personalized approach that ESRO MAGICA provides, which has fostered a sense of family and community among its students. It’s inspiring to see how a focus on excellence and building meaningful relationships can create long-term success and impact in the education and space industries. If you have any further questions or require additional information about company, or courses, please do not hesitate to contact.





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