Suprakash Shah Chanakya of the Indian Live Video Streaming Apps Industry

Dream Live - Indian Live Video Streaming Apps

The social media industry in in India is on a Raise and has been making its way to global footfall. With the high yielding app Dream Live in the Market ,the Indian Industry is seeing its ache din.

Mr. Suprakash Shah is a Tech and App based businessman who has been developing app and software’s with his team from a very long time , his mere stepping in a business guarantees its success.

While people were still figuring out the market , Mr Shah had established the Top Class entertainment a fully equipped company dealing with in app purchasing commodities. His latest venture is Dream Live which is a content-based platform.

Mr. Shah aims at generating employment opportunities for youth at large and he has succeed in the same with users earing an average of Rs.20000 per month by performs on his application.

This Chanakya of streaming World sets trends and makes the world go gaga when ever he comes up with his engaging apps.

They old regime of Chinese app were actually taking money put of India as they were making people pay on Apps Like TikTok, bigoetc , and were also evading paying taxes, on the other hand Mr. Shah runs an App Based in India ,which pays proper taxes on each transaction. Make in India and generating employment for content creators has pioneered for Mr.Shah.

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