Add the Lomi composter to your kitchen appliance lineup for less than $370

Save $130: As of March 28, the Lomi kitchen composter bundle(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for $368.91 at Pela, making it over 25% cheaper than the full-priced version of the tier below it, the $499 Lomi Basic.

Composting needs to be easy and accessible for it to catch on. The Lomi composter by Pela is one of the best current examples of how that could happen — a countertop composter that’s as easy to load as the dishwasher.

The only thing barring Lomi’s full accessibility is its $499 price tag. But a current sale at Pela offers a $130 cushion, bringing the Lomi down to $368.91(Opens in a new tab). This makes the Lomi Bundle, which includes the first shipment of your two-year supply of carbon filter refills and LomiPod refills, more than $130 cheaper than the $499 Lomi Basic, which doesn’t include those extras.

Even without eyeballing the statistics, you can probably imagine how much food your household wastes. (The smell of the trash can after a depressing fridge clean-out is a good indicator.) It’s estimated that the average household wastes about a third(Opens in a new tab) of the food it accumulates each year. Nearly all of that waste is sent to the landfill, producing mass amounts of methane.

Lomi makes the personal climate action of composting way easier than the old-fashioned way of tending to a huge bin in the yard or hoarding scraps in the freezer to take to a local drop-off spot. Way more things can be put into Lomi than the average compost pile: the expected fruit and vegetable scraps, bread, meat scraps, and even pizza crust, plus paper products like napkins and any compostable packaging that, say, skincare products may come in.

A button on the front of Lomi decides the drying speed and type of dirt it’ll produce during that session, which varies depending on the batch. (Grow Mode, for instance, can only run with a mix of fruits and veggies and produces compost that can be put in your garden or houseplant soil.) Either way, Lomi condenses that full bucket of “trash” into a handful or two of dirt in just a few hours. Pela claims that 100 Lomi cycles equate to 220 pounds of food waste diverted from landfills and 18 pounds of methane emissions avoided.

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